Supply@Me Capital clients surge 50 percent in a quarter with some big names now on board

Supply@Me Capital has revealed the number of clients on its books has soared by just under 50 percent over the quarter ending 30 September.

The number of client companies originated in Italy has soared from 97 at the end of June to 142 at the end of September.

The strong surge in companies was attributed to the reopening of the economy in Italy as well as the traction that Supply@Me is making in making its business model known.

Materials, Capital Goods and Retailing were among the top 3 sectors using the innovative inventory monetization platform – including major retailer Carrefour and JSW Group, an international conglomerate in steel.

For the year ending 30 September, revenues are expected to be £2.3m.

Work is currently underway to extend the business model globally and attract originating companies in the UK, UAE and USA.

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