Omega purrs as pharmacies can now sell rapid antibody tests

Omega Diagnostics has endorsed news that General Pharmaceutical Council has now changed its stance to allow community pharmacies to provide rapid / point of care / near-person antibody tests for COVID-19.

In a statement, the pharmacist regulator stated it has changed its position due to a change in guidance from Public Health England:

“In light of the updated Public Health England guidance, we are no longer asking community pharmacies not to provide rapid/ point of care/ near-person antibody tests for COVID-19. 

Instead, we expect any pharmacy owner or pharmacy professional to carefully consider the PHE guidance and other relevant guidance if deciding whether it is appropriate to offer this type of test, or other type of COVID-19 test.”

Update: supply of COVID-19 tests from pharmacies

Responding to the news was diagnostics specialist and UK Rapid Test Consortium member Omega Diagnostics – tweeting that this move now opens up a ‘very significant market’ for the AbC-19 Rapid Test:

“This now means that the AbC-19™️ Rapid Test (which tests for #COVID19 antibodies) can be sold at pharmacies, for administration by pharmacists – opening up a very significant market to this key product line.”

Twitter: OmegaDiagnostic

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