Octopus backs Novacyt to deliver

Investment company Octopus has reaffirmed its support for Novacyt as it backed it to deliver on its profit forecasts and remains supportive of the business.

The comments came during the monthly commentary for its Octopus UK Micro Cap Growth Fund in which Novacyt was one of the detractors in the fund for the month of November – however, it was regularly the star performer for many months.

Explaining its expectations for the company and belief in its future, it noted:

“We remain confident in the profit forecasts for both companies and remain supportive.”

More recently, Novacyt’s investor relations manager has also hinted at a promising few weeks ahead according to social media reports. Investors have reportedly been told that ‘no news is good news’ as Novacyt asked investors to be patient.

The share price of Novacyt has proven to be resilient, currently trading at 877p – sustaining its meteoric rise since the start of last year.

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