Kanabo group signs first UK distribution deal

Recently listed Kanabo Group has announced it has signed its premier UK medical cannabis distribution deal with Astra Health that is part of the LYPHE Group.

The LYPHE group is noted as being as one of the ‘main players’ in the evolving medical cannabis market in the UK.

This new framework agreement signed between Kanabo Group and Astral Health will enable its VapePod to be available to patients under ‘Project Twenty21’.

Project Twenty21 provides patients with medical cannabis treatment that are monitored by Drug Science.

Under the deal, Astral Health has the rights to sell Kanabo’s VapePod in the UK.

Commenting on the announcement was Kanabo CEO Avihu Tamir who noted the increase recognition of medical cannabis in pain relief:

“We believe this new product will be revolutionary for medical cannabis patients who need immediate relief of pain, and will replace the smoking of cannabis flowers as a medical delivery method, which is one of Kanabo’s main targets.”

Shares of Kanabo Group currently trader under the ticker of KNB.

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