Should I buy Remote Monitored Systems shares? Ten reasons to continue to run for the hills

Even after a continued string of disappointments and concerning events, some quite frankly deluded social media enthusiasts continue to try and pull the wool over ‘newbie’ investors’ eyes.

We’re not having it – you may have been duped yourselves, but that’s no reason to try and do the same to others.

Yesterday it was absolutely shocking to see complete nonsense such as:

“Just had a call from a supplier with an order in P2F. Cleanroom manufacturing unit (Notts)- READY Team – Hired & Trained – READY (& hiring more) Machine installed and tested – READY Production/Supply Chain – READY Orders – Far better than expected Delivery – Mid Dec 2020”

Obviously this was a complete falsity, confirmed by today’s announcement ( More bad news for Remote Monitored Systems as sales timeline slips behind ).

We have warned about the incredible downside risk to RMS which has been confirmed and time again. But for the benefit of the doubt – here’s 10 reasons we think investors should continue to run for the hills on this one:

RMS: Ten reasons to continue to run for the hills

  1. The non-executive chairman has dumped his ENTIRE HOLDING. YES, the ENTIRE HOLDING – at what was being touted as the most promising moment in the company’s future.
  2. Braveheart Investments has also sold its ENTIRE HOLDING. YES, the ENTIRE HOLDING – at what was being touted as the most promising moment in the company’s future.
  3. The mention of orders was no guarantee they will materialise – they were not binding and there was no firm details behind them. Look at what happened to TT Electronics ( TT Electronics share price crashes after iAbra Virolens COVID-19 test woefully exposed ).
  4. The production and sales timeline has slipped into 2021. Given the face masks are looking to capitalise on potential short-term needs, even the shortest of delays is significant.
  5. Attention is turning to COVID-19 vaccines to kill the virus – this affects sentiment around valuations.
  6. Big PPE decisions and purchases are generally being scaled back given the controversy around them previously. The moment has well and truly passed.
  7. The masks sell for £1 each in bulk. Yes £1. Monster volumes are needed to get closer to the valuations that deluded investors are touting on social media.
  8. Gareth Cave has gone mysteriously quiet following a string of tweets. Not a peep since November 17. Prior to this was incredibly active and teasing interviews / media coverage.
  9. The Times ran an exposé on the whole debacle suggesting a whole raft of governance concerns.
  10. Past performance is no guarantee to the future but look at the history of RMS. Don’t need to be an experienced chartist to see the pattern here!

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