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What shares do you think could go pop?

Whether your focus be on the week ahead or months ahead, we'd love to hear what shares you're keeping an eye on and why you think they could preferably pop rather than flop.

Please share your thoughts and views in this thread.

EZJ for me it's just sat there waiting to take off again.

CINE has a good run and surprised not kicked on as its open again but I think 6 months or a year from now it will be back on top.

On flops, banked slim Omega Dgn profits last week

Hoping for DeepVerge to carry on where its going, saw some headlines over weekend about tracking COVID in the sewer system and think this is right up there street with that they are doing and other stuff.

Another way to help test or detect potential major outbreaks fast.

SuperDry is looking more interesting and already took a punt on BP a while back

Argo has hurt me in short term as was in at 2 too early to call it a flop I suppose

Guild Esports is creeping up well - no idea how it will make serious dough though unless it wins loads of tournament

Don't discount Associated British Foods as when you go to high street now its just full of Primark bags and shoppers as most places have folded 


I just joined to say #SYME and in Alessandro we trust. Come on!!!! 

Cellular goods AKA #CBX haven't sold since IPO (maybe I'm mad) but they've not been ramping and expecting an update to come out soon, interest has been strong in this company and if they have good news am hoping for a flood of buys and some revenues to start coming in

SNG after today's news. If they can get this out anytime soon will be BIG product around the world even if it sits in stockpiles

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