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What Are SYME Doing? They're Just Confusing Everyone and Shooting Themselves In the Foot

I get the business model, I actually think its pretty great but what I don't get is why they keep releasing RNSs that are just plain confusing and contradictory , it ain't doing them or investors any favours, less is more.

It's like as soon as the price drops which it keeps doing from highs, a new RNS pops up to help stem the fall but its not working.

Some of the weird ones have been - that update with like 5 things in it but nothing concrete, then saying they got a guaranteed 8bn of funding by getting some kind of bank they don't own (this is a change in their funding strategy and quite quickly) and say people don't understand, tweeting some fake forecast then putting an RNS about it, mentioning a call option then having to release an RNS the next day to clarify.

Very messy now. 

I think they need to show all of the following a) some proper clients being confirmed,  b) evidence of financial success c) less RNSs but better quality ones. 

I like they want to keep people updated but it is one too many now and losing their value, they are being used a bit like a plaster now the RNSs. 

I believe in Alessandro and where this is heading, not bothered about the number of rns because one good one with numbers will just smash it out of the park!!!

Besides its better to keep us updated like they are doing instead of just keeping quiet

100000% spot on to the poster its a bit like film speed in too many ways LOL. As soon as the price goes sub-50 some RNS comes out that tries to big it up.

Big red flag for me and why I'll never be tempted to buy on the dip with a value of like £200m.................... Al need to focus on delivering the business and not bigging it up every other day  with some weird news

If gets anywhere near £1bn then we'll know about and it will actually have some proof behind it way before this. 

Tradeable not investable. 

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