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Surely Amigo won't go bust

Following updates on LSE, surely judge won't let Amigo go bust - doesn't help customers or investors.

Sad that seems to be listening to the FCA too much - fingers crossed for us all!!! 

Would never say never. Look where AMGO is right now.

It was always a risky bet. Could rule go into admin and just pay up with its cash. 

Hopefully some didn't get too greedy but don't think this will ever go to the 'mooon' for a long time if it survives

From these quotes you've pulled definitely won't go under I think. 

Looks like they want more equity on the line and what they are pushing for, it will be hard to argue against cuz Amigo say they don't have enough cash but equity can be used I guess.

Would be less worried, a decision seems likely in weeks rather than days and even then it seems like will be a tonne of ongoing discussions with FCA

Err looks like the the judge man doesn't care, Amigo better present these options fairly soon as an appeal will be a waste of time, he ain't gonna go against the FCA

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