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Selling 7Digital shares - reeks of a pump & dump

I took a small position yesterday morning in 7Digital after spotted the rise. Likely I'm going to be out of it tomorrow - will see how it reacts.

Although today's RNS from 7Digital was confusing - one one hand I thought they were being honest, on the other, if they didn't, it just stinks of a pump and dump. Shouldn't need to be play ramp up games if they believe the Triller deal is going to really boost their earnings - it will eventually show.

They've had big contracts before and like tens of millions of revenues, making huge losses each year. Doesn't sit well at the moment despite all the hype. 

I guess you got out of this one then? 

Quote from PinkBear on August 19, 2020, 10:16 am

I guess you got out of this one then? 

Like Theo Paphitis says I'm out. Had to detach all the emotion from Donald Trump Pump! It ain't Triller. 

Perhaps I got out a bit too soon. They do seem to be making a monster effort to generate new sources of revenue and shout about it. Hey ho, SYME and HEMO for me now. 

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