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Remote Monitored Systems shares - your view

A place to share your opinion and views on the prospects for Remote Monitored systems following Should I buy Remote Monitored Systems shares? 3 reasons we’d stay away 

Whether you agree or don't agree, we'd welcome your views (not abuse!). 

My money is it going on up a bit more before it taking one heck of a crash!!! When that crash will be is anyone's guesss

Kudos for this. Funny how all the twitter guys shouting abuse have #RMS in their last gazillion posts They also forget that you guys also said it was due some upside weeks back. 

Now you seem to be saying to be careful and time an exit as could get burned badly it did go from like 4p to 1p the other day and then back to 5 it can happen. 



Hahahaha. The RMS patrol are still out and about - just sell out of this nonsense and get out like the directors  did. Funny when gareth says ' I been busy with the day job' yet this charade has netted him millions more than his 'day job' ever will. Poor man...

Boycott Braveheart too. 

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