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People who trash AIM...

I find it funny on Twitter and chatter when people slate AIM over the FTSE 100/250.

Have they looked at Lloyds, BP, Easyjet, Rolls Royce.... - all down like 50% or more this year and recovery wont' be quick.

Yes there's lots of companies on AIM and lots not making much money but this is why they are on AIM, to grow!!! 

I only invest in companies with good potential and momentum even if the numbers don't look great. I do also shorten my investment horizon.

But hey to all the naysyers I'll take a 150% gain in a week vs a 50% fall in years.

AIM is a great support for me compared to some of the bigger names. Doesn't have to be one or the other. Both need the same desire - to make a profit!!!! 

Amen. There's some people who think they are really smart, but investing in a big stock is not smart, investing for the biggest profits is what is actually right and this also needs good timing and not to just sit back and hope things work out

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