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Omega Diagnostics teases demand for COVID-19 test kit may go beyond 200,000 tests per week

Omega Diagnostics has confirmed that that 2,000 strong COVID-19 rapid test kit self usability study has now concluded following completion by Ulster University.

The finger-prick COVID-19 test has already been CE-Marked and now the next phase is for Omega Diagnostics to secure MHRA approval.

"We're very pleased that the self-test usability study has completed and that we are progressing towards our goal of MHRA approval for self-test home use. We cannot give a timescale for when this might be achieved but we look forward to updating shareholders on further developments."

Colin King, CEO of Omega

Within the update to the market today, Omega Diagnostics also reinforced its high expectations for commercial traction for the test.

It noted that this month, it should be able to produce 100,000 this month, scaling up to 200,000 tests per week in October.

BUT it added that if demand was to exceed 200,000 tests from the UK government or another third party - then it will make moves to meet the demand and ensure additional capacity.

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