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ODX share price soars as UK RTC member confirms 1 million order from UK government

The UK government has reportedly ordered 1 million COVID-19 self-test kits from Omega Diagnostics and the UK Rapid Test Consortium (UK RTC).

Shares in Omega Diagnostics (ODX) soared over 30 percent this afternoon following confirmation that a 2,000 strong trial was completed by Ulster University for the rapid finger-prick test and separate reports of commercial traction.

While the announcement of the successful trial did little to move its share price in the morning, it appears that reports the UK Government has already ordered 1 million of the COVID-19 test kits following independent evaluation by a government advisory body is what has driven the afternoon surge.

The reports of the order came from South Wales Argus who focused on BBI solutions - a Crumlin-based (Wales) member of the UK Rapid Test Consortium.

Dr Mario Gualano, CEO of BBI is quoted as stating "we also welcome the UK government's first order for COVID-19 ABC-19 tests from the UK-RTC".

According to South Wales Argus, the UK government will start rolling out the tests selectively in September and October.

BBI along with Omega Diagnostics, Oxford University, CIGA Healthcare and Abingdon Health form part of the UK Rapid Test Consortium.

BBI's capability will see it bring smartphone reader technology to help guide users of the test - ensuring they are confident in completing it.

MHRA approval still waits for self-test usage.

Incredible. And this rise hasn't even gone through the markets. RNS from Omega Diagnostics incoming - BOOM!!!!

No brainer! Add a confirmation, some numbers and Mologic - you've got a multi-bagger even now. 

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