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ODX - guess on how much revenue could it make?

Does anyone have a decent guess as to how much revenue ODX could generate in the coming months? For now it has a production ability of about a million per month maybe 2 million in a few months. Sure it will max it. 

I'm not sure about its revenues for COVID stuff and how much it makes from the RTC against Mologic potentially.

Although as it doesn't 'own' these, its hard to make a prediction. Tens of millions in a quarter seems possible  but this all depends on more RTC orders and Mologic. 

It seems a bit different to Nova and Avacta as more of a manufactuer. 

Any guesses or insights? 

Omega should fire FinnCap - I checked the note after the article, they don't have a clue and not doing ODX any favour.

Hope ODX clear this up and FC is wrong. Even with an MHRA approval, doesn't change they get just £1.50 a test not worth their capacity & net profit could be like 50p.

Wallbrook what the heck?!?!? just saw their tweet said the assumptions on this site is not what they've communicated to investors?!?!?!?! So what they are saying is they will not be making much revenue or profit at all this year

Do they not remember tweeting something weeks back saying anyone got a scredriver with a 500,000 capacity per week production line or do they not remember when Colin said they are looking to ramp up for 1 milllion orders & Mologic technical transfer could happen in December?!?!?!?! 


I guess we'll find out more later this month as they are updating I think

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