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ODX: Denmark dishing out 500k useless home COVID-19 antibody tests

Just read that Denmark is dishing out 500,000 non CE-marked COVID-19 antibody tests for home uses.

Danish papers apparently say they purchased a bunch of them from a Chinese company and know they are not reliable. 

But they are sending them out as part of some 'we're testing Denmark' project and say they are using them because its the ones they have available and can be used at home.

This is really good news for ODX I think even if UK gov doesn't want em. Imagine a CE-marked, UK-approved test for home uses that actually is reliable..... 

Did listen to video with Omega a few days ago - guess this is why it's not all UK orders or nothing. No UK orders but regulatory thumbs up could be a blessing to stop wasting time with a dithering customer. Denmark is a EU member too hahah. 

Hope so anyway 

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