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Holding or selling ODX shares? Pros + Cons

I speculatively dabbled in a few Omega Diagnostics shares at an average price of around 50p. Now they're going down to 40p which is not great but I have a small investment, currently weighing up whether to hold or sell and come up with following:


  • Cases are going up and the virus is likely to carry on for a while yet
  • They recently took delivery of the production equipment from the government
  • Have said before its up to the gov to find a test
  • An announcement would spike it up


  • Financials are quite poor and its still valued at £80m?!?
  • Gov seems to have stuck with Innova for all their troubles 
  • PR has gone pretty quiet on it
  • Most 'COVID' stocks have sunk Avacta, Novacyt
  • Market has turned away from these types of covid plays 
  • Some of its other testing opportunities haven't delivered

Maybe I answered my own question, but best to hold and sell on any promising news - if there is any coming. If it goes sub 40 though I think will sell. 

Perhaps you can speak to Colin again to see what's going on? Or their PR machine can awaken once more and keep us updated.

I bought about 50p start of year and sold 80p a bit later, always thought it was way overvalued so was a speculative trade. 

Don't like to say what people should or should not do as its your money but would agree with your arguments - it would have to be one almighty contract to move the SP up loads as everyone's mind is on recovery now and government seems all too happy with the rubbish Inova tests.

Maybe you forgot BUY? Its at 40-ish now, any good news will boost it so an easy win. Nova shown there's still demand for tests.

I'll add another 'con' to my list - government not using them for antibody testing the fools as usual! Not sub 40 yet but I'll be watching closely!!!

Just researched Thriva a bit; basically a start-up thats got some solid funding recently, wouldn't put it past the usual cronyism from the government to boost their holding in it (if they have exposure to Thriva). Hancock, Cameron, they've all been at it before.

That update looks like it saved it up from 40p! Would look foolish if nothing good comes out officially.

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