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Christmas is saved? Boris Johnson plans 3 million COVID-19 tests per day to ensure families can meet

The government is reportedly planning to conduct 3 million COVID-19 tests per day in a bid to ensure that families can meet over the Christmas period.

Reports denote that the government has taken a 'whatever it takes approach' in order to allow for groups of more than six to be able to meet during the festive season. It is also claimed that its Operation Moonshot mass-testing programme is more developed than currently known.

According to The Telegraph, its 'sources in the testing community' have revealed that the the government has drawn up plans for more than 3 million COVID-19 tests per today. The figure they have is 3.2m tests per day (13 times more than the current amount of daily tests conducted), although there is debate as to whether this will happen this side of the year or next year.

Joining the dots to scale up by such an amount, the report refers to Boris's vision of people being able to take a COVID-19 test every morning at home and get a result within 20 minutes from lateral flow tests.

To achieve such numbers of daily tests, it appears likely that a variety of tests from manufacturers will be used - recently, UK Rapid Test Consortium member Omega Diagnostics revealed that it scaled up capacity to produce up to 500,000 COVID-19 tests per week.

There is also speculation that a vaccine could be approved by December and that preparations are being made by the NHS to offer vaccines from November 8 to those aged over 80.

Other possibilities include a month long break for Christmas to enable quarantine periods.

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