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Changing of the guard? NCYT to AVCT?!

Might be a bit premature but looks like sentiment is moving away from NCYT with all the talking of new different types of tests and vaccines. Nice to see AVCT rise today, if they can pull off 100m tests per month like AS implies in interview that would be incredible.

I'm in NCYT but have taken a bit of profit today to put into AVCT to hedge my bets.

Trying to be as balanced as poss:

AVCT has a m. cap of like £450m its high but NCYT got to what £700m? 

AVCT could sell hundreds of millions of tests, they'll be cheap but don't matter as big numbers. These tests are the next big thing, if they are selected obvs.

AVCT also is more than diagnostics.

NCYT its still got hundreds of mill and who knows it contracts may continue for a few more months. People seem to be jittery now.

ODX small market value at the moment but can't see it being key to moonshot with a capacity of a few hundred k. Order books will be full anyway for any test it makes.

AVCT could be the new flavour of the month or months for sure! 

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