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Buying Abingdon Health shares - wise?

Even with the crazy rises am thinking of getting in today - wise? Looking at the news again they said they had multiple announcements coming which I guess is what everyone is stoked about. 

I took a punt yesterday afternoon and its the best investment I've made 😀 and I'm really new to the game. 

That test it produces for at home use could be huge if it works and my thinking is still way behind IPO price.

Government rejecting it worked out better as now it has more freedom to go international and strike up more partnerships rather than waste its time with domestic market and them switching suppliers to cover their tracks and look impartial. 

I think its wise but maybe I'm biased haha. First time poster here. So will keep it to the facts.

  1. Institutions bought IPO at 96p its now 82p. Expectation is that a stock does better than its IPO price. 30 something p was way to cheap. 
  2. It was the victim of some apparent falsities from Good Law Project and the gov turned it on to distance itself from all the accusations. This probs worked out for the best as moved its focus to bigger markets. 
  3. Yesterday it said the Biosure deal was the first of several products to go through its maufacturing, so would expect more to come. Biosure is on a global basis rather than UK by itself. 
  4. It made a loss last year but now its making products should move into profit for full year. How much? Depends on success of products it makes and what its RNSes will say that are inbound.

Now 72p. If you're going to buy a stock like this, always buy on a dip, there's always one or a few during the day, if you're going to invest wouldn't go all in but theres obvious interest.

Great interview - thanks. Prospects look good and not definitely not flash in the pan. More to come surely.

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