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BOTB share price target at £14 - dream on

LOL at Finncap - so desperate to push Worst of the Rest I mean Best of the Best that they've 'reduced' their  TP from £31 to £14.

Haha, that its already at £8 per share and there is no way in hell its getting back to £14, obvs a pandemic share while people were bored and certain people on social media pushed it way too hard like that guy with the disco wig.

What's even more funny is that the broker has made up a bunch of stuff new competitions and new territories.

This one is over - a COVID share if ever we did see one. 

And no I didn't invest, the business model was always a temporary seasonal one & probably back down to the low £s or even high pennies. 

A lesson for everyone to check their portfolio and always be careful, unless you got out like the directors did!!! 

Ya COVID stocks have all waned and this one was definitely one of them just not as obvious I suppose.

Markets are priced quite high now for stuff that's recovered so I'm on pause for a bit unless there's a really good value play.

Agree though on brokers, they can be such sharks with wild target prices and have no filter.

Haven't seen the report but suppose if they invest wisely and build up their business could be a chance of some kind of recovery but I personally wouldn't touch it, possible prospect of losing more than 50% of money compared to supposedly gaining 100% if believe this TP is just not worth it for such a risky one.

A bit like Novacyt all over again

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