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Boohoo founders Medusa 19 COVID-19 rapid test under fire from professors as importance of MHRA approvals highlighted

A rapid COVID-19 saliva-based test from a company called Medusa 19 has come under fire over its accuracy. Medusa 19 is a company that was created by Boohoo founders Richard Hughes and Mahmud Kamani.

The lateral test promises to provide results in 10 minutes by using a person's saliva to see if they have had the virus before or currently have it.

According to the FT, the test is sold for £29.99 and needs administration by a doctor or nurse.

However with just a 92 percent specificity rate from preliminary trials, the Medusa 19 has come under serious criticism.

Jon Deeks, a professor from Birmingham University said the specificity of 'this test [Medusa 19] is appalling compared to PT-PCR and other antibody tests'.

Richard Tedder from the Imperial College London added that a CE marking tells you a test is 'barely adequate'.

Tedder further went on to say that its a 'distortion of the truth' for the respective test to tell if you have COVID-19', adding that tests such as these are 'really dangerous'.

The strong views from the professors quoted by the FT indicate the importance of tests meeting the MHRA specificity targets; 98% for rapid antibody tests and 99% for rapid antigen tests.

Earlier in the week, the UK Rapid Test Consortrium noted its tests at-home antibody test has shown specificity of 99.56% as part of a brochure that highlighted the 'invaluable role' that its 'quick, easy' antibody test will play in overcoming COVID-19 - including in the measuring of vaccine success.

Expecting a rocket when this MHRA RNS lands as there is nothing like it on the market, everyone will want it out of curiosity anyway.

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