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Argo shares back to the moooooon? I'll buy a Tesla!!!

Not usually a ramper but wow just when I thought Elon Musk gave up on bitcoin it looks like he's come back in to support it.

We usually know what happens when he tweets and I for one am expecting price of BTC to go back up and along with it Argo - this movement is right up there street they were the first company I think to report on their mining output quite transparently.

Am expecting loads of PR to come out about how they will be limiting impact on the environement and others will follow.

Long term hold now for me and will reward myself with a Tesla if all goes well!!! 

Been a miserable watch for ARBs price recently but fingers crossed brighter days are coming


I actually like that its main listing is in London, less competition than US and once the fund managers pile in as they get excited about a green investment it will mean the price rises and starts to be less volatile I think

Rooting for you and your tesla 😀

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