Compare Best Stocks and Shares ISA Platforms

A Stocks & Shares ISA is a great home for your money to grow free of Capital Gains and Dividend Income Tax. With a £20,000 Annual Allowance, make the most of your returns by selecting the best Stocks & Shares ISA Broker.

In this scenario we look at the key annual charges levied by Brokers directly that eat away at your returns:

  • Shares Admin and Fund Admin Fee: Fee from the Broker to hold your investments (usually as a % of their value).
  • Fund and Share Dealing Fee: Fee from Broker when you buy or sell a Fund or Share.

Broker 1

0.25% Share Admin Fee

0.25% Fund Admin Fee - <£250k 

0.1% Fund Admin Fee - >£250k

£1.50 Per Fund Deal

£9.95 Per Share Deal


Broker 2

0.45% Share Admin Fee

0.45% Fund Admin Fee - <£250k

0.25% Fund Admin Fee - >£250k

£0 Per Fund Deal

£11.95 Per Share Deal

£0 Fund Deals

Broker 3

£9.99 Fixed Admin Fee (Shares & Funds) 

£9.99 Fixed Admin Fee (Shares & Funds)

£7.99 Per Fund Deal

£7.99 Per Share Deal


Broker 4

0.1% Share Admin Fee

0.2% Fund Admin Fee

£3 Per Fund Deal

£6 Per Share Deal


Selecting The Best Stocks & Shares ISA Broker

Broker 1 and Broker 4 seem best-placed for the average investor with competitive % based fees. Broker 2 is more expensive, but has no Fund Dealing Fee. However, Funds are not something that should be frequently bought and sold.

It’s worth noting some Brokers also negotiate discounts with Fund Managers for certain Funds that can mean you will pay less on the other material costs when investing in Funds: the Ongoing Charges Figure (a 0.1%-0.15% discount is common). This is a charge that is levied by the Fund Manager and not directly by your Provider.

Broker 3 appears expensive, but it is aimed at large investors. The fixed-fee charges really benefit those with large investment pots as they are not working on a % basis.

Note: You will also incur other expenses including Dividend Reinvestment (usually minimal), Transfers In (usually free) and FX Conversion for buying Overseas Shares (usually minimal). Look out for Transfer Out Fees on Holdings (these can range from free to £25+ per holding).

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