Compare Best SIPP Providers and Charges

A Self-Invested Personal Pension is a Pensions answer to a Stocks & Shares ISA to investors – a tax-efficient wrapper giving you total control over your pension. Limit excess charges to boost your retirement.

In this comparison we look at the key annual charges levied by SIPP Brokers Directly that could eat away at your returns:

  • Share and Fund Admin Fee: Fee from the Broker to hold your investments (usually as a % of their value).
  • Dealing Funds and Shares: Fee from the Broker when you buy or sell a Fund or Share.
  • Drawdown Fees: Fees from the Broker when you start to take the benefits from your SIPP.

Broker 1

0.25% Share Admin Fee

0.25% Fund Admin Fee - <£250k

0.1% - £250k-£1m

£1.50 Per Fund Deal

£9.95 Per Share Deal

£100 Regular Drawdown Fee Yearly


Broker 2

0.45% Share Admin Fee

0.45% Fund Admin Fee - <£250k

0.25% Fund Admin Fee £250k-£1m

£0 Per Fund Deal

£11.95 Per Share Deal

£0 Regular Drawdown Fee

No Drawdown Fee

Broker 3

£19.99 Monthly Fund and Share Admin Fee

£19.99 Monthly Fund and Share Admin Fee

£7.99 Per Fund Deal

£7.99 Per Share Deal

£120 Regular Drawdown Fee Yearly


Broker 4

Same as Fund Admin Fee

0.35% Fund Admin Fee - <£250k

0.2% Fund Admin Fee - £250k-£1m

£10 Per Fund Deal

£10 Per Share Deal

£0 Regular Drawdown Fee


Selecting The Best SIPP Account Provider

Broker 1 and Broker 4 appear to offer the best value for the average investor. Broker 1 pips it with the reduced Fun and Share Admin fees. Broker 2 is more pricey but does not impose a fee for Regular Drawdowns.

Broker 3 is aimed at those with large investment pots (£000’000’s). The Fixed-Fee comes to around £240 per year. This can actually be far less depending on the investment value than its rivals who work on a % basis.

Some Brokers also negotiate discounts with Fund Managers for certain Funds that can mean you will pay less on the other material cost when investing in Funds: the Ongoing Charges Figure (a 0.1%-0.15% discount is common). This is a charge that is levied by the Fund Manager and not directly by your Broker.

Looking beyond the numbers, you should also look at other factors in relation to your potential Broker. These include the levels of customer support, level of general support and ease-of-use of the platform.

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