Compare Best Share Dealing Accounts

If you are a frequent Buyer and Seller of Shares, boost your profits by keeping expenses down. Find the best account for you.

In this comparison we look at the key charges levied by Share Dealing Accounts that can eat away at your returns:

  • Share Deal: The charge per buying or selling a share from your Broker.
  • Frequent Share Deal: A reduced charge for buying or selling a share that is activated based on previous month’s volume.
  • Account Admin Fee: The fee charged by your Provider in holding the assets your Share Dealing Accounts.

Broker 1

£9.95 Per Share Deal

£4.95 Per Frequent Share Deal (10+ Deals in Previous Month)

Account Admin Fee: 0.25%

Frequent Deals

Broker 2

£11.95 Per Share Deal

£5.95 Per Frequent Share Deal (20+ Deals in Previous Month)

Account Admin Fee: £0

No Admin £

Broker 3

£7.99 Per Share Deal*

£3.99 Per Share Deal**

Account Admin Fee: *£9.99 / **£19.99 Month


Broker 4

£6 Per Share Deal

£6 Per Frequent Share Deal

Account Admin Fee: 0.1% 


Selecting The Best Share Dealing Account

Broker 1, Broker 2 and Broker 4 all have their positives – if you plan to buy and sell Shares regularly, then with no Account Admin Fee, Broker 2 may be the choice for you. There’s also other factors to consider such as the reputation of the firm, the level of customer service and support as well as the Platform itself.

Broker 3 appears expensive and is aimed at you if you plan to buy and sell shares in large amounts. The Fixed-Fee is of benefit in respect to large amounts of investments with the benefit of lower Dealing fees.

As these shares are not within a tax-efficient wrapper such as a Stocks & Shares ISA, you will be liable for Capital Gains and Dividend Tax.

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