Compare Best Investment Accounts

Boost your returns! Selecting the best Investment Account is often a balance between the charges and level of service.

  • Share Admin and Fund Admin Fee: Fee from Broker to hold your investments (usually as a % of their value).
  • Fund and Share Deal: Fee from Broker when you buy or sell a fund or share.
  • Frequent Share Deal: A reduced charge for buying or selling a share that is activated based on previous month’s volume.

Broker 1

0.25% Share Admin Fee

0.25% Fund Admin Fee - <£250k

0.1% Fund Admin Fee - £250k-£1m

£1.50 Per Fund Deal

£9.95 Per Share Deal

£4.95 Per Frequent Share Deal (10+ Deals in Previous Month)


Broker 2

£0 Share Admin Fee

0.45% Fund Admin Fee - <£250k

0.25% Fund Admin Fee - £250k-£1m

£0 Per Fund Deal

£11.95 Per Share Deal

£5.95 Per Frequent Share Deal (20+ Deals in Previous Month)

£0 Fund Dealing

Broker 3

£9.99 Monthly Share and Fund Admin Fee

£9.99 Monthly Admin Fee Covers Funds and Shares

£7.99 Per Fund Deal

£7.99 Per Share Deal

£3.99 Per Frequent Share Deal (Add £10 to Monhtly Admin Fee)


Broker 4

0.1% Share Admin Fee

0.2% Fund Admin Fee

£3 Per Fund Deal 

£6 Per Share Deal

£6 Per Frequent Share Deal


Selecting The Best Investment Account

Broker 1 and Broker 4 offer the best value. Broker 2 is more expensive but with no fund dealing fees.

Broker 3 is the most expensive and will be for the smaller investor with its fixed fees. However, if you have a large investment pot in the £000’000s it will likely work out cheaper in terms of charges.

There are often more qualitative considerations to consider too. The level of perceived customer support, the ease-of-use of the platform and level of helpful guidance should be considered.

Other charges to be aware of include: Transfers In (usually free), Transfer Holdings Out (varies from free to £25 per holding), FX Conversion Charge (varies from 1% down to 0.25%) and Dividend Reinvestment (1% with a max. limit is usual). Remember, some Brokers also negotiate discounts on the Ongoing Charges Figure for certain popular Funds.

As these shares are not within a tax-efficient wrapper such as a Stocks & Shares ISA, you will be liable for Capital Gains and Dividend Tax.

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